Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet Baby Girl

Our sweet Lizzie is 6 weeks old today. I'm certainly biased, but I'm convinced that she is the sweetest baby around. We love listening to her constant squeaking and smelling her new baby smell. She's become a master of holding her head up.

She has amazing patience. Halle and Chase love her so much, and she puts up with their constant kisses. It's pretty sweet.

Recently, her cheeks and thighs have started to show a little chub, and she has become quite the smiler. It is seriously too cute! We are completely in love with our Elizabeth. Happy 6 weeks, Baby Girl!

Grandma Taylor

Sam's grandma passed away on January 30th, at age 92. She was a wonderful woman, and will be missed. She lived 10+ years as a widow, so we imagine that the reunion was a great one with Grandpa Weldon.

The entire Taylor family came out for her funeral. Even though the circumstances were sad, it was so fun to get the entire group together. Since 3 of Sam's siblings live out of state, it is rare that everyone is in one place at the same time. Halle and Chase loved seeing their cousins. It was great to catch up and spend a few days together.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

When it Rains...


Ever since Lizzie's birth, our lives have been filled with one chaotic event after another. We've dealt with Lizzie's choking spells and hospital stay (already documented), the death of Sam's amazing grandmother, and Sam's gallbladder surgery. Throw in a case of pink eye, an ear infection, and a couple snotty noses, and it makes for a crazy house.

This morning when I lined everyone up and handed out their various medications, I couldn't help but laugh. Our life is crazy. I can't wait for a normal, boring day that doesn't include a trip (or even a call) to the doctor's office. In the meantime, we are hunkering down at home, hoping that our luck turns around soon.