Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Getaway

We spent the weekend in St. George. Ummm... fabulous! I've decided I want to live there. Like I really want to live there. I told Sam to update his resume and move me there. Stat.

Here's a few highlights from our weekend...

Throwing rocks down a window well... totally fun!

Hiking at Zions...

Chillin' at Sam's grandmother's condo...

Searching for Easter eggs in our jammies...

Playing at the golf course...

Checking out potato bugs...

And, proof that Sam and I were part of the weekend...

Other highlights included watching The Ten Commandments for the first time (super long, but good!), and introducing the kids to Dairy Queen (and then having to go there nearly every meal). A fabulous time was had by all!

Returning home to rain and cold... not so fabulous.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Life in the Slow Lane

When Chase was born, we had no idea how appropriate his name would become. We have been "chasing" him since he learned to move. He's always on the go, so experiencing the last few days with him have been different, to say the least.

On Wednesday, we took Chase to Primary Children's Hospital to have his ear tubes replaced and his tonsils and adenoids removed. On the surgery scale, it is a pretty routine procedure, but it was still difficult watching my little 2-year-old head off to the operation room with the doctors.
Chase's surgery went like clockwork. His old tubes were completely blocked, so it's nice to know he can hear better now. His enlarged tonsils and adenoids are now gone, making sleeping (and hopefully talking) easier. Since then, we have spent many hours cuddling our little man. He doesn't open his mouth much, and he looks sad most of the time, but every once in a while we see the real Chase, and we can't wait until he feels good again.

During this process, Halle and Lizzie have been amazing girls. Halle has been so thoughtful and considerate of Chase, and Lizzie has been spending a lot of extra time in her bouncy chair and bassinet without too much protest. Thanks for your help, girlies!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SIX & So Spectacular!

We celebrated Halle all weekend. On Friday 10 of her friends came over for a very loud, very high-pitched birthday party. (I've discovered that next year, I'm either buying her off, or going somewhere else for her party.) Even though Sam and I were exhausted through the entire party, Halle was as happy as I've ever seen her. And, for that, we were happy.

On Saturday, her actual birthday, my family came over and we went to Halle's favorite joint Panda Express. Afterwards, we had cupcakes back at our house.

On Sunday, we went to Sam's parents house, where we ate (at Halle's request) "beef and potatoes." We watched Tangled and had a great time.

At 6, Halle:
  • is a whiz! She excels at school and loves to read. We are beyond proud.
  • has a testimony. She really knows her Heavenly Father, and we get to know Him better through her.
  • loves sugar.
  • is a good friend. At her most recent parent/teacher conference Mrs. Holt told us that she is kind and considerate of everyone.
  • loves dance, gymnastics, and soccer. She's a busy gal!
  • is an amazing big sister.
  • loves watching The Amazing Race with us.
  • is beautiful!
We love you, Halle! Happy Birthday!