Friday, October 19, 2012

House Progress

In about 2 months, we are going to be home owners again! It has been so fun to watch our house take shape. We enjoy it so much, that we do the ol' drive-by a couple times a day. Our new neighborhood is right next to Halle's school, and on the way to Wal-mart, so it makes it pretty easy to stalk the guys working on the house. Our new neighbors probably think we are a bit obsessive. We are.

We started out with a lot of dirt.

And then, we got to watch cement dry for about 2 weeks.

Until, finally, we started to see some progress.

And a few days later, a framed house!

And now, windows, doors, and a roof. Love it!

We are so excited to see everything come together. Insulation and sheetrock should go in next week. We are excited!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Home Run!

Oh, my. I have a new favorite sport: T-Ball. Watching little people try to understand baseball, could quite possibly be, the best thing I have seen in a while. Chase was thrilled to finally play this fall, especially since his daddy was his coach. Truth be told, seeing Sam try to coach baseball while corralling 8 little 3-year-olds could be written into a primetime comedy. 

Chase actually played pretty good, for his first year. He understood most of the rules. Actually, if you combined football & baseball, he understood all of the rules. He and his best friend, Marcus, got a big kick out of tackling their teammates to get to the ball first.

I was so proud of my boys for having such an awesome season. Chase loved playing, and Sam survived coaching. I call that a win-win!

We are looking forward to spring when he gets to play again. Having a little "sporty" boy is the best! Go Little Slugger!