Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Tasty Treat

When your diet consists of just milk and rice cereal, snacking options must be creative...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Help! I'm stuck in an American Idol rut

I'm trying.  I really am trying.  But, no matter how much I try to get into American Idol this year, I just can't.  Every week I tune in, but I find myself fast forwarding most of it.  I listen to the first of the song and then I fast forward to hear what Simon says.  In my opinion, last year's group was so much better.  I guess I'm not connecting to any of the contestants.  

Here's my take on the ten remaining:
Kris: He seems like a nice person.  Not doing it for me though.
Scott: Yawn central
Megan: WTH (heck, of course) did she do to her arm?
Adam: Dude needs to star opposite Clay Aiken in a showing of Spamalot.
Danny: I've been sick of him ever since they showed him every minute of the auditions and Hollywood week.  
Lil: Holy ghetto booty.
Allison: Weirdest last name ever.  Needs to fire her hair stylist.
Matt: If I had to choose a fav, he'd be it.
Anoop: No opinion, I usually fast forward all the way through him.
Oil Dude: I can't remember his name.  I guess that means I don't like him. 

So, is it just me?  Am I just in an Idol rut?  If so, what do I do to climb out?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Update:  Curse the Cougars!  Are you kidding me?!?

Well, it's our favorite time of year.  We sit down in front of the t.v. all day and watch game after game after game.  BYU plays bright and early this year, and I am hoping that they can win a game.  I {heart} Jimmer, baby!  (On a side note, I wonder what Mr. and Mrs. Fredette were thinking when they named their kid Jimmer.)  Confession: I didn't pick BYU in my bracket, because I'm playing a little game of reverse psychology.  

So, for the next 3 weeks, you can find us glued to our HD until "One Magic Moment" plays.  I love March!

What about you guys?  Are you all bracketologists?  

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Disney on Ice

My mom got us tickets for Disney on Ice last night.  It was so much fun!  It was nice to get out with just the girls.  Halle and Audrey loved it!  They just stared at the skaters the whole time.  They waved to all of the characters.  Halle especially loved Ariel, Daisy Duck, and Tinkerbell.  Thanks for the tickets, Mom!

Grams with her girlie-girlies.  
All of the girls (minus my mom).  Halle & Audrey got matching Disney shirts for the occasion.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!

In honor of Sam's 32nd birthday, here's a list of the things I love about Sam:
1. He's funny.  Sam can make a joke out of any situation and everyone always smiles when they are around him.
2.  He's a great dad.  Sam loves to play around with his kids and they love to play around with him.  For some reason, dads are more fun!
3.  He's honest.  It doesn't matter the situation, what you see is what you get from Sam.  If he likes something, he'll tell you.  If he doesn't, he'll tell you that too!
4.  He puts family first.  Sam always wants to spend time with us.  He'll even forgo lunches with friends to come and chill with me and the kids.
5.  He fulfills his church callings.  (And he only whines 1/2 of the time!)
6.  He bleeds BYU blue.  There's nothing hotter than a guy who cheers for the Cougars!  I could never be married to a Ute.
7.  He watches shows with me.  Last night, for example, he sat down and watched Dancing with the Stars with me.  (I prefer to think that he wanted to spend time with me, not watch the pretty girls in their little outfits.)
8.  He cleans the kitchen.  Enough said.
9.  He's a Republican.  Thank goodness!  There's nothing quite as annoying as an opinionated liberal.
10.  He keeps us on the straight and narrow.  He remembers family prayer and scripture study, he gives me "the eye" when certain adjectives come out of my mouth, and he keeps me from getting my Diet Coke on Sundays.

Sam, your great!  We love you!  Enjoy your day!  Heck, enjoy the whole week.  Heaven knows when it's my birthday, I'm going to stretch it past one day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

4 Months & Daddy Daughter Date

Chase went to his 4 month check-up yesterday.  He's a healthy little guy!  He's 32 percentile in weight and 85 percentile in height.  Wonder where all that height comes from? :)  I took Halle with me to his appointment, and she had a harder time with Chase's shots than Chase did.  She got all teary-eyed and asked the nurse why she was hurting her brother.  She is the best big sister.  We did find out that we need to take Chase to a pediatric plastic surgeon to see if he can fix his right ear.  When Chase was in my belly, his ear got smashed at the top, so it's flat rather than round.  Anyway, it's not a huge deal, and it doesn't look that bad, I just don't want him to to get teased when he gets to middle school.  So, we'll see what happens.

And in other happenings, Sam took Halle to the Jazz game last night with his friend Jimmy and his two boys.  They had a great time.  Sam only had to take her to the bathroom 3 times, so it was considered a success!  What cuties!