Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting Closer...

 I keep telling Sam that our life now is reminiscent of a Hallmark movie title. Our family could star in a show called "Homeless for the Holidays" or "The House Without a Christmas Tree." Luckily though, it looks like we might have a house for Christmas!

The house is all painted now. (I need an updated picture that doesn't have the paint mess all around. Will Do.) I love how bright it is.

We certainly have a white thing going on in this house. Not only is much of the outside white, I chose white cabinets to brighten the kitchen. I LOVE white cabinets! The countertops and wood floor have been added since this picture was taken.

I just found a picture that shows a little bit of the countertops...

The bathroom tile is done. The vanities are in place. We still need glass on the shower and fixtures.

So, with a little luck, and maybe a Christmas miracle, we will have a home for Christmas! Things can certainly still go wrong--something my pessimistic husband always reminds me, but I really, really hope that we are in by Christmas.