Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Countdown Begins

I only have a week left of school.  Usually this would thrill me, but I won't be teaching next year, so I'm a little sad.  I have loved teaching at South Jordan Middle School.  I really think that I might miss my little preteen friends.  Even though somedays I feel like pulling my hair out, each day is a new adventure, which makes my job the best.  One day I may be carting students off to the office because they let fireworks off in the hall (actually happened), and on another day I get to listen to a 13-year-old talk to their mom on the phone about PDA because he/she was caught kissing in the hall. 

Mostly, though, I will miss my friends.  I work with some of the very best people.  It is so fun to come to work to laugh and talk with other teachers.  We usually spend more time talking about life than work, but that makes it fun!  So, to Megan, Mindy, Carissa, and Jessica...I'll miss you!  Keep me in the loop!

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Autumn said...

Yeah! I have been looking at your profile every couple of days to see if you had your blog yet and you do! Halle is so cute! I am glad you joined us all in this blogging world it will be nice to keep in touch with you! Did I read 1 1/2 kids? Does that mean that you are pregnant? Hope to hear from you soon!