Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Whew!  Christmas came!  After telling Halle for days that she can't open any presents until Christmas, we were finally able to let her rip into them.  We celebrated Christmas at our house in the morning, then we went off to Sam's parents, and then to my parents in the afternoon.  It was the perfect day.  Halle loved every minute and we loved cuddling with Chase on his first Christmas.  

Pictures of our day:

Halle checking out her gifts from Santa.  She made out like a champ!  Santa brought Littlest Pet Shop hospital, Polly Pocket Mega Mall, Barbies, art supplies, movies, and other fun things.  Chase got a mobile for his crib, a new blankie, and baby toys.

Our sweet boy on his first Christmas.

Halle and Mikey ripping into a gift at Grandpa and Grandma Taylor's house.

Chase enjoying his new mobile.  He "coos" every time we turn this on.  It's so precious!

Halle checking out her new Kit doll from Grandma and Grandpa Burr.  I remember when I got my American Girl doll, and now my daughter has one of her own.  How time flies!  (Side note: If Kit goes missing, she may be found with me.  I like playing with her as much as Halle does!)
"Audrey, say cheese!"  Halle is getting a glimpse into how difficult it is to get kids to smile for the camera.

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