Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Nights in a Row!

My little Chase has slept through the night two nights in a row!  He made it 7 hours both nights.  I've been waiting nearly 4 months for this, so I'm hoping that it isn't a fluke.  I feel like a whole new person when I get a little shut eye.

Speaking of a sleeping, I got a baby magazine in the mail today that listed the 5 Stages of Tired.  Enjoy!
1.  Bliss.  You are basically running on adrenaline following the birth of your baby.
2.  Disillusionment.  You have the late night t.v. schedule memorized and you start to imagine doing evil things to your husband because he wakes up refreshed every morning.
3.  Despair.  You start to forget just about everything.
4.  Relief.  Your baby has made it a couple of nights.
5.  Bliss.  You've had several full nights of sleep, and life, frankly, seems sweeter.

I think I'm in stage 4, but I spent a lot of time in stage 2!  I loved those mornings when Sam would get up, and ask, "Did Chase sleep through the night?  I didn't hear him."  Grrr....


Lindsay Jones said...

That article is so right! I remember thinking that sleep is just so precious. I am glad to hear he is sleeping better, hope he keeps it up.

Dede said...

I remember those nights. Congrats on a big milestone.

Meg said...

Oh, to be a mom! It was so good to hear from you today, though I'm completely sad that you're not coming back next year. I can't blame you. Someday, when I have kids, I won't want to go back to work either.

K'Brina said...

YEA for a full nights sleep. Those little babies are so worth the all-nighters, but they sure wear on you after months of it!!
He is sooo cute!!

Jenn said...

Ashley! I'm glad you left a comment. I use to check out your blog right before you had Chase. That was back when I had time to blog-surf; I'll be glad when I'm done with my online classes.

Ooo! I just want to squeeze that little boy. I totally agree with you and your Grrr. I always hated it when Darryl would happily say in the morning, "That was nice that the baby slept through the night." When in fact I'd been up what felt like a million times with him. Funny to be in their world. : )

Bethany said...

I loved the part about the late night t.v. schedule! That was so true for me. I was so grateful for DVR back then. Otherwise I would have seen a lot of episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.