Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!

In honor of Sam's 32nd birthday, here's a list of the things I love about Sam:
1. He's funny.  Sam can make a joke out of any situation and everyone always smiles when they are around him.
2.  He's a great dad.  Sam loves to play around with his kids and they love to play around with him.  For some reason, dads are more fun!
3.  He's honest.  It doesn't matter the situation, what you see is what you get from Sam.  If he likes something, he'll tell you.  If he doesn't, he'll tell you that too!
4.  He puts family first.  Sam always wants to spend time with us.  He'll even forgo lunches with friends to come and chill with me and the kids.
5.  He fulfills his church callings.  (And he only whines 1/2 of the time!)
6.  He bleeds BYU blue.  There's nothing hotter than a guy who cheers for the Cougars!  I could never be married to a Ute.
7.  He watches shows with me.  Last night, for example, he sat down and watched Dancing with the Stars with me.  (I prefer to think that he wanted to spend time with me, not watch the pretty girls in their little outfits.)
8.  He cleans the kitchen.  Enough said.
9.  He's a Republican.  Thank goodness!  There's nothing quite as annoying as an opinionated liberal.
10.  He keeps us on the straight and narrow.  He remembers family prayer and scripture study, he gives me "the eye" when certain adjectives come out of my mouth, and he keeps me from getting my Diet Coke on Sundays.

Sam, your great!  We love you!  Enjoy your day!  Heck, enjoy the whole week.  Heaven knows when it's my birthday, I'm going to stretch it past one day!


Dede said...

Happy Birthday Sam! I usually make Eric watch 'Dancing' too but I can't get him out of the garage these days. Who do you like this season?

Dawn Rae said...

That is a great list. If he cleans the kitchen he is for sure a keeper.

Candace said...

Happy Birthday Sam! #3 is perfect!