Friday, May 22, 2009

Simple Miracles

About two weeks ago, I saw a bird had built a nest in our tree.  Since then, a momma bird has been perched on that nest.  Every morning, Halle and I run outside to see if the baby bird had come yet, but every morning the momma bird still sat there.  (I thought she looked bored.  It's a good thing I've never had to be on bed rest.  Watching that bird made me realize how miserable it would be staying in the same place day after day.)  Anyway, this morning Momma Bird was still on the nest, but this afternoon as I sat outside watching Halle and her friends jump on the trampoline, I noticed that Momma Bird had left.  In her place sat these two perfect little babies.  One is chubbier than the other.  So cute!

I think for the next few days, I am going to be outside in my back yard watching Momma Bird bring food to her babies.  I've grown attached to their little family.  


Lisette said...

So jealous of your yard! Someday, I'll have my yard again. The birds are super cute!

Dede said...

Oh that's cute. Eric wants to shoot ours for eating our seeds and strawberries. Haha the difference of boys and girls!

Autumn said...

How cute! Does Halle spend as much time on the tramp as we did? That was so fun! Chase is growing fast, he is darling.