Thursday, August 13, 2009

This & That

Life at our house has been crazy the last week.  Chase got the stomach flu... and then Halle got it... and then I got it... and then Sam got it.  Chase is still recovering, but for the most part, we are all back to normal again.  But, among all the chaos, we still found some time for fun.

I love a good deal, so when $2 Tuesdays go on at Thanksgiving Point, we take full advantage.  The crowds are huge (apparently I'm not the only deal-lovin', Mormon mom out there), but we still have a good time.  So far, we've spent one Tuesday at the Gardens, and one Tuesday at the Dinosaur Museum.  My kids love both places, and I love getting them out of the house, so all parties involved are happy!

A while back, Sam and I were asked to take part in Youth Conference.  We had to create a bread stand that looked like something from Book of Mormon times.  It was so much fun!  We dressed up (as the directions stated), and even dressed up our kids as little Nephites.  It was so cool to see the church get transformed into Jeruselum.

Now that we are all back to normal, hopefully we'll be able to do lots more playing before summer comes to an end.


Megs said...

you all make adorable nephites :)) and i noticed the sign for the $2 tuesdays... maybe i'll drag devin to the dinosaur museum :))

Brasher family said...

Hey you! It's a deal... Come to Dallas to steal my camera and visit me! Sounds great!

I love the new family picture! It's beautiful!

You guys are such a cute little family!