Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chase is 1!

Chase is one!  We celebrated his birthday with our families with pizza, presents, and cake.  It was a great party!  Chase loved getting new toys, and Halle loved "helping" Chase open his presents.  I can't believe our "Little Monkey" is already one.  It has been a quick year.  Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate.  Here's a few photos of our party:

Chase loved his cake!  I think these photos tell the whole story:

We love Chase so much.  He is such a little sweetie.  Here's a few facts about Chase on his first birthday:
1.  He loves his daddy.  He loves to watch out the window for daddy to come home every day.
2.  He loves Curious George.  I don't know if this is good or not, but he'll sit and watch about 15 minutes of Curious George.  It's pretty funny.
3. He can walk.  Just like his older sister, he learned a week before his first birthday.  He's pretty quick!
4.  He hates baby food.  Whenever I try to feed him with a spoon, it ends up being a mess.  He'll only eat if he can feed himself.  He loves goldfish, peas, fruit, and Cafe Rio kids quesadillas.

Happy Birthday, Chase!  We love you!


Dede said...

Wow, that went by so quick. He is such a cute little guy. I can relate to the picture of him watching his sister open his presents!!! Happy Birthday Chase.

Lisette said...

Seriously, he is SO CUTE! It does go by fast. Talmage is just barely walking...but it's so cute to watch. I love how they hold their arms up in the air for balance.

Adam and Dev said...

Happy Birthday Chase! Can't believe he is already one? What a cutie :)

K'Brina said...

Wow!! That 1st year flies by. Happy Birthday Chase!!

Shanell said...

Wow, it has been a quick year, I can't believe he is already one. He is so cute!! Love the pictures of him eating his cake.

Rhiannon said...

Weren't you just pregnant and wishing for him to come! Why does time fly by so fast AFTER they finally arrive! Happy Birthday!

merrill and linda said...

Happy Birthday Chase!! Such cute kids, enjoy all the fun, they grow up too fast!