Monday, April 5, 2010

High Five

Last Friday, Halle turned 5! She has been crossing off the days on a calendar for about 2 months, anxiously awaiting her birthday. The day was all about Halle's favorites: presents, Zupa's for lunch, movies, Panda Express for dinner, and cupcakes. It was a great day, and we love our 5-year-old girl!

Halle is such a special girl. She loves school and is looking forward to entering kindergarten. She takes dance and already has more moves than I ever dreamed of having. She loves to play with her friends. She is a fantastic big sister. She will try any food, and likes most of it. She loves to make crafts. And, of course, she's adorable. We love you, Halle!


Dani said...

WHAT? I mean I know she has got to be that old, but HOW does this happen? Can't we freeze time?
She looks so much like her mommy!

Kristen Brady said...

Is she really five already? Weren't you and I just sitting in the teachers' lounge talking about when your baby would arrive?!!!? Happy Birthday Halle!