Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dancing Queen

I have no idea where Halle's rhythm comes from. It certainly isn't from Sam or me, but she certainly has learned how to "shake those hips." She had her dance recital on Saturday, and holy smokes, the girl has learned to dance. We were super proud!

Halle hasn't ever had a problem learning the steps of a dance, but she usually doesn't smile, because in her words "it's a lot of work to dance and smile at the same time." Well, since I know that this girl will do anything for a bribe, I told her she could have a Happy Meal if she smiled the whole time. Boy, did she earn those chicken nuggets!

Way to go, Halle! You're awesome!


Dede said...

Look at that form! Her teacher (and mother) must be so proud.

roxyholton said...

Ok...I read all your comments and I have never figured out how to do a comment myself until TODAY!!! First off...Halle is a cutie...I love the pics. We always keep up on your blog. I did want to comment though on a future Taylor trip to DC...I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! GET YOUR BUNS OUT HERE WHEN YOU CAN!!!! Merry Christmas!! PS...loved the card...great pics.