Friday, January 21, 2011

The Week in Review

Here's what I know: Sometimes, life is hard.

Here's how I learned that:

On Monday, Lizzie had a scheduled appointment with the pediatrician to check her jaundice levels. A couple hours before her appointment, she spit up mucus through her nose and mouth causing her to go all different shades of purple. We rushed her to the doctor's office to get her suctioned out. After suctioning, she seemed to come back to normal. Relief. While at the doctor's office, she had a few blood tests which revealed the highest level of jaundice her doctor had ever seen. So, we were sent home with a bilibed to break down the jaundice.
Later that night, while laying on the bilibed, she had another episode of choking. We rushed her to the E.R., where again, they suctioned her, and she checked out healthy. They watched her for a few hours and she didn't have any more spells, so they sent us home.

On Tuesday, she was to spend the entire day on her bilibed to help with the jaundice. At 4:00, she had another choking spell, so Sam rushed home and we got her back to the doctor--in just a diaper. Her doctor decided that he had seen enough, and we were admitted to the Children's Unit at the Riverton Hospital.

That night, they poked her more than I ever care to remember. She screamed and screamed, and I felt completely helpless. She was put on medication through an IV, and placed under a warmer to help her keep her temperature up, since she was having trouble doing it on her own.

On Wednesday morning, she had two more choking spells, so they ran a series of tests to figure out what was wrong with her. They were fearful of a lot of things, mostly meningitis, but thankfully, she passed the tests and started to show signs of improvement. Her temperature came back up, her jaundice levels went down, and she was eating without choking afterwards.

We stayed at the hospital until Thursday night at 8:00, when she reached 36 hours without any choking spells, and proved that she could keep her temperature up without the help of the warmer and medication. They believe that she has a really bad case of reflux, and since she is technically a "preemie" she couldn't keep her temperature up without assistance.

Now, we are back at home, and so far, healthy. She is responding well to her medication, and she is a completely beautiful, happy baby.

Throughout the week, I had plenty of chances to reflect on our blessings:
  • The priesthood. As soon as we checked into the hospital, Sam gave her a blessing that she would be able to handle all of the tests, and in the end, be healthy.
  • Family. It didn't matter what time we called, or what we needed both of our families showed up and helped. Halle and Chase were always well taken care of, and we are grateful that we didn't have to worry about them while we were dealing with Lizzie.
  • A nearby hospital. We have been there so much, they should name a wing after us.
  • Doctors and nurses. Lizzie quickly became the favorite patient, and she received excellent care.
  • Friends. You know who you are. Thank you.
We are so happy that Lizzie seems to healthy again. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.


Autumn said...

I am so glad that things are looking better. The medicine for reflux is a miracle worker, you just have to be consistent with it! We did the medicine for around 9 months and then they were better! :) Also, did they tell you to tip her mattress up in her crib to help? Thank goodness for those little beds that keep their body temp up. I hope she continues to do better, I do not envy anyone that has to go through all that! I miss you cute friend! I will keep checking on her progress!

Nicole said...

Those pictures of your beautiful little girl in the hospital made me cry. So sad to see little ones like that. I am so glad she is doing better. I also had a baby with reflux and I agree with Autumn, having them sleep propped up does help. My little girl slept in her bouncy seat for about the first 4 months of her life! I will be thinking of you and your little girl.

Meg said...

I'm glad things are turning out well. She really is an adorable little girl, and I think she sports the bililight sunglasses well. :)

Jenn said...

Wow-- yikes. She is so cute by the way-- so sad to see her having a hard time. :( Glad things are looking up!

Lisette said...

Oh my heavens! Geez...I can only imagine the ache of what you've experienced the last few days, and I'm sitting here crying just reading about it. I wish that I lived closer and could have helped. She is an absolutely adorable baby! Just know, you're in our thoughts and prayers.

Shanell said...

Oh those pics make me want to cry! So glad she is doing scary! Dax had to be in a bilibed for 12 days...I think I cried every one of those days!

Bethany said...

The picture of her wrapped up in that bed is so freaking CUTE! What a brave little girl. You guys are amazing.

Kristen Brady said...

So glad that she's doing better. I only had to experience the billibed with Natalie, and that was hard enough. I would have freaked out with the choking stuff. I say amen to the priesthood thing - what a blessing!

Jessica said...

Ashley, she is just beautiful! I am so glad she is doing better!

Dawn Rae said...

Sorry you went through all that. I am glad things are doing better. I hope you are adjusting to your new routine with 3. Such a pretty little girl.