Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grab Bag

Life is gloriously simple at our house these days. We pretty much spend all day outside basking in every minute of sunshine available. Chase is completely hilarious. He wakes up every morning and grabs his Crocs so he can go outside. Sometimes we wonder if we should just pitch a tent for him in the backyard, so he doesn't even have to come in at night.

In the middle of our simplicity, we do have completely memorable moments. For one, Chase is obsessed with lambs. Like totally obsessed. He goes around saying, "baa baa" all the time. So, when Sam found out about the sheep festival at Thanksgiving Point, he knew it was a perfect activity for them. Sam said that Chase had his perfect day. I keep telling Sam that I want to get Chase a pet lamb with a little bell that Chase can walk around like a dog. And, as a bonus, it would help out on Sam's mowing responsibilities. Not a bad idea, right?

In "Lizzie Land," life has had a few exciting changes. For one, she finally gets to add to her diet! Rice cereal, baby! She eats like a champion, and most recently slept through the night. It's about time! She's adorable, and we just love her.

Halle finished kindergarten! She has loved school this year, and we have loved watching her learn. She never forgets about homework or reading time. She is looking forward to first grade, because in her words, "eating lunch at school is going to be awesome."

She also had her spring dance recital. She is such a showy performer. We love watching her dance.

The older girls in Halle's dance company did a Toy Story production number. It was amazing. Check out these costumes... spot on.

Even though life is relatively simple, we still play hard, and sometimes get completely tuckered out...

Life is good!


Adam and Dev said...

Cute! I love that pic of Chase sleeping. I also love Lizzie enjoying her rice cereal :)

Shanell said...

Your summer so far sounds about like ours! Not kidding, everytime I read about Chase, I just sit and nod my head becuase it is SO Dax! We had to get locks on all the tops of our doors because Dax runs outside EVERY chance he gets! He just loves to be out playing in the neighborhood as if he was kennedi's age, thanks goodness we live by all of our friends! BTW, love the pics of your kids below!

Kristen Brady said...

Fun! Your kids are adorable!