Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chase is 3!

We celebrated Chase all day on Friday. He loved it! He was spoiled with TONS of presents, which left Sam and I wondering what we are going to do for Christmas. Oh, well. We will worry about that another day.

He loved blowing out his candle. So much, in fact, that he blew it out 6 times. 3 times when Grandpa & Grandma Taylor came over, and 3 times when Grandpa & Grandma Burr visited.

At 3, Chase:

**loves garbage trucks, or "Stinky", as he calls them
**still has not made it through an entire sacrament meeting (45 minutes is his longest stretch)
**LOVES "tall, tall, big" (also known as milk... he likes us to fill up his cup "tall, tall, big)
**is potty trained!
**is improving his speech every day. We are so proud of him!
**is the master of pestering Halle. They fight about 10 times a day (or 20... 30...)
**loves following his Papas around.
**loves going to school each week.
**loves helping his daddy with tools, yard work, or anything else Sam is doing.
**is the sweetest little 3 year old around!

Happy Birthday, Chase! We love you!


Adam and Dev said...

Happy birthday Chase! What a cutie :)

The Orton's said...

Happy Birthday Chase! I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones who fight!

Dede said...

Yea for three! Happy Birthday Chase!

Rhi said...

Happy Birthday Chase! I'm glad my son isn't the only child that loves garbage trucks!