Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Dancing Princess

I came to a realization at Halle's Christmas Dance Recital: My baby girl is getting old. Somehow, she's gone from a little girl who got up on stage, and shuffle stepped to "I Want a Hippopotomus for Christmas," to a sassy little girl dancing to a Christmas rock song. We've moved from curly ponytails to hair pieces. How did time go so fast?

Like always, Halle shined during her dance. She is so showy. I love it!


Shanell said...

Wow, she does look old in that picture! That is funny about what she said about Kennedi! I do wish we lived closer, it seems all of our kids have a lot in common, especially out little boys!!

April said...

Chase's cupcakes are so cute. What a fun birthday. And yes Halle is growing up. Check out her lipstick.

It was nice charting w you last night.

Heather H said...

She is such a pretty girl! So fun (and a little sad at the same time) to watch them grow up!