Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's so Fun to be ONE!

Our sweet Elizabeth turned 1 on January 12. We are completely in love with our little angel. She has a way to brighten any room with her big, bright smile. Because she is so stinkin' adorable, we decided to celebrate Lizzie all week. We started with a dinner with Sam's brother and sister, Michael & Hilary, on Sunday night (Sam's mom & dad are out of town--on a cruise, no less. No, not that cruise. Thank goodness.) Like all my kids, Lizzie loves hanging out with Aunt Hilly & Uncle Michael.

On Thursday, my parents, Bethany, Audrey & Kennedy came over to help us celebrate Lizzie's entrance into toddlerhood. She is so lucky to have so many people in her life that love her!

Lizzie loved every second of her party. She's quickly discovered that presents, new clothes, and cake are the keys to winning a girl's heart.

When cake time arrived, Lizzie was ready. Since our Lizzie is as "cute as a button," we felt a button cake was appropriate. She dove right into the frosting, and never looked back. That's my girl!

Little Elizabeth has brought so much joy to our home. She has made the last year so much fun. We love you, Lizzie!

At 12 Months, Lizzie:
Weighs 20.5 pounds
Finally (as of last night) finished nursing
Has only slept through the night one time (not exaggerating)
Loves hanging out in Halle's room
Loves books
Is a MAJOR mama's girl
(Plus, we think she's pretty darn cute!)


Bethany said...

She is sooo stinkin' cute! We had fun being there on her big day!

Alicia said...

Wow she is cute! She looks like her mommy! Your family is adorable!

Randon said...

Oh my heck, I really can't believe she is 1. Um hello, her party was so cute! I love the banner and balloons and cupcakes and cakes! You are just Martha Stewart! (I feel ya on the not sleeping through the night...those were the days.)

Jessica said...

Oops..Randon's comment was really mine. :)

Brandi said...

So cute! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. It's good to know my kids aren't the only ones who don't sleep.