Monday, May 21, 2012

It' a ZOO out there...

If I'm being honest, Hogle Zoo is not my favorite place. I always leave feeling so bad for the animals.  Other zoos I've been to--San Diego and Seattle--seem so much more life-like. But, this zoo is the best we have, and my kids love it there, so I'm happy to take those little buggers to see the monkeys, elephants, and giraffes a few times a year. 

We decided to go to the zoo over the weekend on a whim. We certainly weren't planning on it, but Halle insisted that we "do something fun," so off we went. Our cousins Mikey and Lincoln, and Sam's brother Peter joined us on our "something fun."

Cute Lizzie, who napped a total of 5 minutes all day, loved it! She pointed to all the animals and said, "woof woof." She loved the carousel, and just by chance, she ended up on the lady bug. Quite fitting.

Halle, who desperately wanted to ride the dolphin, had to settle for a giraffe after "some old lady" perched herself onto Halle's favorite animal. Too bad. The rest of the time, Halle took pictures of every animal, insect and random thing she could find with her camera.

And, Chase, I must say, made us proud. He didn't run off--a first for him. He stayed by us the whole time, and we pointed out all the hiding animals to him after he kept saying, "My wanna see really bad!" (The English teacher in me knows that I need to correct his sentence structure. The mom in me is proud of his improving speech. Mom wins! For now, anyway.)

So, even though it was incredibly busy, we didn't lose any kids, we saw all of the animals, and we rode all 2 rides. A pretty good day. But, alas, an hour after we arrived home, Halle was already bored, and exclaimed, "there's nothing fun to do." Oh boy, entertaining her all summer is going to be a real treat.

Side note: Why are "Salt Lake's finest" (and by finest, I mean strangest) folks always hanging out at the zoo?

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