Monday, September 10, 2012

Preschool x 2

Chase is adventurous, to say the least. The boy runs from the beginning of the day, until it's time for bed. So, since about May, I've been looking forward to preschool starting again. What can I say? I'm tired. 

This year, Chase gets to go to two different preschools. That's four days a week, people! Happy me! He is going to Miss Karie, the preschool extraordinaire. She's in our ward, and has been teaching preschool for many years. Chase loves her! We hear about Miss Karie all the time, and he's only been there one day so far. He's certainly happy there.

The other days, Chase is attending the special preschool through the district to continue working on his speech. He went there last year, so he's pretty well versed on the happenings at Rosamond. And, bonus! He gets to ride the bus there. By himself. That's your tax dollars at work, folks. He loves it, and I'm so glad that he is able to be around a speech therapist twice a week to continue working on his speech.

We have seen so much improvement in Chase over the summer. He certainly doesn't love speech practice, but he does it, and we are seeing a big change in the way he talks. Other people notice, too. I've learned over the last year, since we received Chase's apraxia diagnosis, that there is no greater joy than seeing him master a new word or sentence. We are hopeful that by attending both preschools, along with individualized speech therapy, it will further his progress. He's a champ!


Dede said...

He is such a cute kid! It was so awesome to see you cute family this summer. Hope everything goes well with everything!

Bethany said...

Is Lizzie just walking around in circles trying to find her siblings? I'm so impressed that he jumps on the bus by himself! What a sweet boy.