Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mario, Dance and Nacho Libre

Can I just say, "It's about freakin' time?!?" February is nearing an end, and so in my mind, spring should be here by, oh, Saturday? Right?

We have been in hard-core blah at our house for the last 2 months. We LOVE our new place, but it'll be nice to get some vitamin D soon. So, this blog post, my friends, is a little compilation of what we have been doing to pass the winter.

Chase has been obsessed with Mario ever since we got it for Christmas. It's a little embarrassing how much he plays. On one hand, I can use it as serious blackmail. He always has his room cleaned, his teeth brushed and his speech done before he plays, but sometimes that is at 9:00 a.m. He's good though. Much better than me, but that's not saying much. My skills haven't improved since the original version of Mario. 

Halle has been going to dance, like every day, I swear. Competition is soon, so extra practices are all the time. We've entered that point where she LIKES dance, but doesn't LOVE dance, so we are wondering whether to try something new next year. Maybe tumbling. Who knows? I think it's hard as a parent to know when to really push your kid, if they really aren't into it. I guess, if all else fails, she can try something new, and always go back to dance if she wants. 

And, Miss Lizzie. Holy cow, this girl has personality. Her new favorite movie is Nacho Libre. She watches it everyday. Sometimes twice. It's not exactly a little girl show, so it's strange that she has such a connection to it. I try to put on princess movies, but all she wants is Nacho. Sam, who used to love the movie, is completely sick of it. I never really liked it, but after having it in the background of our house for the last month, I could probably quote it.
No, Lizzie isn't potty trained. Yet. But, she does love sitting on the 
toilet and wearing Minnie undies. So there's that.

And, that's it. Our lives are terribly exciting. It's a wonder why they don't do a reality show on us. 

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roxyholton said...

I Love this post...lizzie on the potty and Nacho Libre!!!!! I've never even seen it...maybe we need to check it out. The movie we are sick of is Annie...I can barely watch it one more freaking time. Anyway...the posts of your house are beautiful!! I love it...can't wait to see it in person and I love how you've made it look inside...big hit!!! Talk to you soon!!