Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Brave Girl

Halle had her tonsils and adenoids taken out yesterday at Primary Children's Hospital.  She has been suffering from sleep apnea, which her doctor accredited to her huge tonsils.  Her surgery was about 40 minutes long, which felt about 10 times that long.  It was so hard sitting in the waiting room, but we were grateful that she was only there to get her tonsils removed.  Being in that hospital reminded us of how blessed we are to have a healthy little girl.

When the surgery was over, she was pretty mad because she hated her IV and her hospital bracelet.  After the anesthesia wore off, she started to perk up a little and was healthy enough to go home.

Since then, she has been pretty tired and sore.  She has to take medicine 6 times a day, which makes life very difficult, since Halle has never been a big fan of medication.  Luckily, Grandma Jackie brought her a new blankie and movie to make healing a little easier.

We are hoping that each day gets easier, but we feel blessed that everything went well.


Rhiannon said...

That would be so hard to wait while she was in surgery, I can't even imagine. Healthy kids are a huge blessing!!

Bethany said...

Good job Halle! We all love you and are proud of you.

Jackie Burr said...

Halle has been a trooper this past week. I can't wait to see her swimming in her pool again!