Monday, January 19, 2009


I think I might be the luckiest person in the world.  Not only do I have a great husband who loves me, makes me laugh, and cleans the house (lucky me!), but I have the cutest kiddos in the whole world!  I have a pretty darn good life.  Here's some sweet pics of my sweet kids:

The other day, Halle convinced me to bring our extra TV up to her room to watch Hairspray.  Like always, she wanted Chase to be with her.  He actually stayed there with her for about 30 minutes.  (BTW, the TV has been taken out of her room.  I am not a proponent of electrical devices in a kid's room.)

I've been trying to do more fun things with Halle while Chase takes his afternoon nap.  She's been such a trooper sharing her time with the little one.  We made oatmeal cookies the other day.  Well, we made cookie dough, anyway.

Chase is hands-down the best baby.  He is happy all of the time and only wakes up one time during the night.  Now, if we could just get him to keep his food in his tummy.  I smell like spit-up all of the time!  It's a wonder they haven't made that fantastic scent into a perfume.  :)


Janell said...

Chase has sooo much hair. Are you already able to part it?

Bethany said...

Way cute! Plus, you get extra credit for capturing it on camera.

Dede said...

Your little man's eyes are so big and beautiful. Both of them are too, too cute

Amy said...

Cute kids! Lucky you for having such a good baby. And I'm with you on the no electronics in kids' rooms. I won't even let my hubby put a TV in our room.

Shanell said...

That is so cute. Kennedi wants to be with Daxton all the time too.

Chase has the such big them!!

Autumn said...

They are so cute! I love all of Chase's hair. I miss the days of them not being able to move and hanging out in their bopees!