Friday, April 3, 2009

Fantastic 4!

Halle turned 4 yesterday.  We have been counting down for about 6 weeks, so we were thrilled when April 2 finally arrived.  She had a fantastic day.  We let her open up 2 presents when she woke up to hold her off until her family party that night.  During the day she helped me decorate the house and she chose Wendy's as her birthday lunch (no surprise there).

All of our family came over at night to celebrate.  We had Costco cheese pizza for dinner (another Halle fav).  
Finally, we let her open her presents.  It looked like Christmas morning at our house.  She got tons of clothes (which made me happy) and tons of toys (which made her happy).  One of the favorite gifts was a Lite-Brite.  I don't know how many of you had one of those when you were a kid, but I did and I loved it.  Halle and I stayed up until 11:00 last night making pictures on her new Lite-Brite.  

She got barbies, Littlest Pet Shop Daycare, a new kite, new books, a puzzle, the new Hannah Montana CD, a floor puzzle, $$$, and a new bike!  What a lucky girl!  Thanks to everyone who came and spoiled her rotten!
She picked a Tinkerbell cake, and (curse me!) I didn't take a picture of it.  It was way cute, though.
We are so lucky to have Halle in our family.  She is so fun and smart.  We love watching her grow up and become a beautiful girl.  

We love you Halle!


Brasher family said...

Happy Birthday Halle! She is such a little cutie!

Nathan and Karli said...

I can't believe she is four! She is so cute! Happy birthday Halle!

Candace said...

It is amazing how fast they grow... It seems just like yesterday when she came into the bank in her adorable bunny costume.

Adam and Dev said...

Happy Birthday Halle! I remember when she was just tiny and you brought her to your mom's classroom. Good times :)

K'Brina said...

How Cute!!

A light bright, are you kidding me. I had one and I loved it!!!

Meg said...

SO fun! And, I'm jealous of her lite brite. I loved mine when I was little.

megs said...

Such a fun party :) Thanks for inviting me! I certainly hope Halle gets to use her kite soon!