Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

I love Easter.  It's a great holiday.  Why?  It's not overdone, it's in the springtime, it's fun, it's simple, and it has a great meaning.  So, I always love when Easter season comes around.  On Saturday, I had great plans of doing something fun, but the weather didn't cooperate, so we settled with coloring Easter eggs and watching Bedtime Stories as a family. We even added glitter to our eggs this year (see above), because who doesn't love an egg with a little bling?
On Sunday morning, we hunted for Easter eggs and played with the stuff from the kid's baskets.  Chase, of course, loved putting everything in his mouth & Halle enjoyed a breakfast of Kit Kat bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  (I would be lying if I said that was the first time she had strictly candy for breakfast.  Sometime my motherly skills amaze me!)
The kids looked great in their Easter duds.  I don't have a picture of Chase in his outfit, because he was either sleeping or throwing a massive freak out attack while he was dressed in his outfit.  But, trust me, he was the cutest, snuggliest (is that a word?) baby around.
Don't ask me why Halle is not looking at the camera.  Doesn't she know that I'm going to put these pictures up on the WWW?

All in all, it was a great day.  Even Sam's wish came true...He got to watch the Masters thanks to Chase's massive freak out at church.  And me?  Happy kids and a happy husband = a happy me!


Adam and Dev said...

Thanks Ash...we saw your parents and Devin at church yesterday. It was good to see them- now, we need to see you! :)

Dede said...

Great idea with the glitter, I didn't get around to coloring eggs. My kids also had candy for breakfast :) oh well.

Shanell said...

Sounds like you had a fun Easter!! Your kids sure are cute!