Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All About the Kids!

I've been a serious blog slacker.  Hopefully, I can play a little catch-up today.  We've been taking it pretty easy the last couple of weeks.  Sam has been loving football season (well, mostly loving... he's almost over the Florida State loss... almost).  I've been enjoying my time at home with the kids, but I'm excited to start substituting on Fridays.  I've really missed teaching, and my dad has Fridays off, and volunteered to watch my kids while I go in.  I'm excited to get back in the school, even if it is for only one day a week.  The kids are doing great.  Halle is loving preschool and dance, and Chase is the cutest, little "chunka" around.  So, for the most part, life is pretty good!

Here's a couple of pictures from Halle's class field trips:
This is Halle feeding the horses at Wheeler Farm.  

Here's my Chunk-a-love at the farm.

Chase chillin' at the aquarium...  Notice how he doesn't have any shoes on.  He HATES shoes.

Halle and her friend Mallory touching the sting rays.  I thought Halle was going to jump in and swim with them a few times.

Chase's diet mostly consists of milk and goldfish crackers because he hates when I try to feed him with a spoon.  So, I've finally decided that he can just feed himself whatever we are eating.  It's messy, but worth a picture.


Dede said...

Your kids are so cute! I'm sad that I've never met your little boy, we will have to change that!

Dawn Rae said...

I miss work somedays too, glad you can get back into it. I love the spaghetti pic, that is just like mealtime at our house.

Stephanie said...

So cute! I have many pics jsut like the one of Chase eating spaghetti. lol