Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas finally came! We had such a wonderful time visiting with family, opening presents, eating yummy food and watching the kids enjoy the magic of Christmas. We were spoiled, as always. We are so blessed to have such giving families.

As a family this year, owe tried to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, and it was so awesome to see Halle appreciate the Savior's birth. I am so grateful for Christ's presence in our lives.

Here's a little photo summary of our Christmas:

Making cookies for Santa...
Decorating Gingerbread Houses on Christmas Eve night...
Reenacting the Nativity.... (Chase makes an adorable shepherd)
Checking out stuff from Santa... (Sam showing Halle how to use her new IPod)
Chase loved this toy!

Laughing... (Sam gave Devin a Snuggie! Hilarious!)
Spending time with family...

It was a wonderful day! I hope that we can keep the spirit of Christmas in our home year-round.

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Nicole said...

My kids got a sit n spin too! They have no idea how to use it though! And I asked for a Snuggie but no one gave me one. I guess they didn't think I was serious. :)