Monday, August 23, 2010

This & That

We've been trying to take advantage of summer, and for the most part, we are having a great time! And, since my summer vacation has included a mini-vacay from blogging, this post will include lots of goodies!

We went to the Days of '47 Children's Parade with Halle's Primary. The kids had such a good time waving to all of the onlookers. Halle felt pretty darn proud. I was interviewed by Channel 2 during the parade, which I thought was pretty cool, and Sam was totally embarrassed.

Our Little Miss lost her first tooth! And, bonus! She lost her tooth about 20 minutes after her good friend Mic lost his first tooth. They were so excited to have the tooth fairy visit. She made $5, and she was thrilled. Now, though, she wants all her teeth out, because she thinks it's a good money making scheme.

Sam and I went to The Lion King. We have both seen it in NY before, but this time was just as good! Thanks, Mom & Dad, for the tickets!

We finally took the bottle away from Chase. As the picture shows, this boy is completely addicted to milk. He refuses to drink milk out of a sippy cup, so we waited for a long time (probably too long) to take his bottle away. But, ever since, the boy cannot get enough food in him. He eats all day, every day.

Sam has been on two big hikes: Timpanogas & Lone Peak. He has hiked Timp quite a few times, but Lone Peak was a new adventure. Good thing I didn't find out about the aspects of the hike until afterwords. Let's just say it was dangerous, and he will not be going up Lone Peak again.

We went on a overnight stay with my family to Park City. My parents got a swanky hotel room and we spent the weekend on the alpine slide, visiting Main Street & shopping. It was so much fun. I didn't take a ton of pictures though.

We are headed to St. George this weekend for a final summer outing, and then Halle starts kindergarten!

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