Friday, September 3, 2010

It's About Time!

Halle's Big Day finally arrived! She's been so excited to start kindergarten. We've been counting the days down for about a month, so we were all thrilled to take her to school. We are looking forward to helping her learn and grow this year.

She was thrilled to see some of her friends from preschool. These girls are adorable!

Her teacher, Mrs. Holt, is amazing!

(Minor disclaimer here: Don't look too close at me. I'm in the middle of "is she pregnant or just fat?" stage of this pregnancy.)

Hooray for kindergarten!


Kristen Brady said...

Hooray! She looks so adorable!

Bethany said...

That one of her walking through the door almost made me cry! She is so old. She looks adorable though and she will love it.