Monday, April 18, 2011

Life in the Slow Lane

When Chase was born, we had no idea how appropriate his name would become. We have been "chasing" him since he learned to move. He's always on the go, so experiencing the last few days with him have been different, to say the least.

On Wednesday, we took Chase to Primary Children's Hospital to have his ear tubes replaced and his tonsils and adenoids removed. On the surgery scale, it is a pretty routine procedure, but it was still difficult watching my little 2-year-old head off to the operation room with the doctors.
Chase's surgery went like clockwork. His old tubes were completely blocked, so it's nice to know he can hear better now. His enlarged tonsils and adenoids are now gone, making sleeping (and hopefully talking) easier. Since then, we have spent many hours cuddling our little man. He doesn't open his mouth much, and he looks sad most of the time, but every once in a while we see the real Chase, and we can't wait until he feels good again.

During this process, Halle and Lizzie have been amazing girls. Halle has been so thoughtful and considerate of Chase, and Lizzie has been spending a lot of extra time in her bouncy chair and bassinet without too much protest. Thanks for your help, girlies!


Shanell said...

Glad everything went well, I'm sure you'll be chasing him around again in no time.

Megs said...

We hope Chase gets feeling better soon! Though, he seemed to like the Easter Egg Hunt :)

Jenn said...

glad to hear it went well! I sure hope he has a speedy and smooth recovery!