Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SIX & So Spectacular!

We celebrated Halle all weekend. On Friday 10 of her friends came over for a very loud, very high-pitched birthday party. (I've discovered that next year, I'm either buying her off, or going somewhere else for her party.) Even though Sam and I were exhausted through the entire party, Halle was as happy as I've ever seen her. And, for that, we were happy.

On Saturday, her actual birthday, my family came over and we went to Halle's favorite joint Panda Express. Afterwards, we had cupcakes back at our house.

On Sunday, we went to Sam's parents house, where we ate (at Halle's request) "beef and potatoes." We watched Tangled and had a great time.

At 6, Halle:
  • is a whiz! She excels at school and loves to read. We are beyond proud.
  • has a testimony. She really knows her Heavenly Father, and we get to know Him better through her.
  • loves sugar.
  • is a good friend. At her most recent parent/teacher conference Mrs. Holt told us that she is kind and considerate of everyone.
  • loves dance, gymnastics, and soccer. She's a busy gal!
  • is an amazing big sister.
  • loves watching The Amazing Race with us.
  • is beautiful!
We love you, Halle! Happy Birthday!


Dede said...

What an awesome kid! Happy Number 6!

Bethany said...

She IS all those things! Thanks for having us. We love you Halle!

Alison said...

Ashley, you make me laugh. I loved the "very loud, high-pitched" description of her party.I can only imagine. Halle is such a beautiful girl!

family said...

Hey! Hope you don't mind me stopping by; saw your link on FB. She is a beautiful girl! I'm glad she had a good party. Just this year we started offering our kids the party or the money we would have spent on it. . . the older two are both going for the money--and I'm relieved! ;)