Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wonderful Wednesdays

When many parents see their children's future, they may hope they grow up to become a doctor or lawyer or professional basketball player. At our house, however, we realize that Chase's dream is to grow up to become the garbage truck driver. There is absolutely nothing cooler than watching "Stinky" (the garbage truck) come to our house each Wednesday morning.

We wake up early & Chase rushes to the window to watch the garbage truck do his rounds. Usually, Chase is just in his undies pressed up against the window watching as Stinky goes from house to house. It is ultimate excitement.

As of late, Lizzie has gotten in on the excitement. Chase puts her stool by the window, just like a good big brother, and the two of them stare out the window until the garbage truck turns the corner.

It is moments like these, when I realize that kids have life figured out. Life is about simple moments, and watching the garbage truck is about as simple--and cool--as it gets.


Bethany said...

Oh, I love that Lizzie wants to be there with him! Does Chase just wake up early because he knows it's Wednesday? That is way funny.

Heather H said...

I love your writing style; so fun to read! And I love that Chase scoots the stool over for Lizzie. What a sweet brother ;)

Adam and Dev said...

I agree with Heather—you are a great writer! Fun to see what's going on with you guys :)