Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Facts of Life

Fact -- Some days, like today, I consider sprucing up my resume, and looking for a teaching job. I used to be under the impression that a stay-at-home moms had the easiest job ever. False. I am more exhausted now at the end of the day than when I worked long hours. But, they--whoever "they" are--say that I'm making a difference for my kids. We'll see...

Fact -- 13 days until Halle's 7th birthday. We've been counting down for some 50 days.

Fact -- When Halle was 3, we told her she could get a dog when she was 7. Uh oh! My genius husband though, has now decided that we can get a dog at any point within the 7th year. Probably. Maybe. We'll see.

Fact -- Going to church is exhausting. Chase is--by far--the loudest kid in the chapel. I wish our ward had more little kids to drown out the noise from our row.

Fact -- Sam turned 35 a week or so ago. I still remember when my parents were 35. Crazy.

Fact -- Kids, I think, are cold-blooded. Why else can they hang out in the backyard and turn on the water in 60 degree weather? Halle wanted to put on her swimsuit the other day. Ummmm... I'd say yes, but the neighbors would talk.

Fact -- Chase is over 3, and he finally sleeps in his own bed. Pathetic, I know.

Fact -- He thinks mommy and daddy should sleep in there with him. We don't. Mostly.

Fact -- Now Lizzie is in with us. Goodness, we need more bedrooms.

Fact -- When Lizzie plays peek-a-boo, she covers her ears instead of her eyes. I'd correct her, but it's adorable.

Fact -- I love blogging, but somehow, loading pictures & writing something genius seems like a lot of work.

Fact -- I'm going to do better.


Megs said...

we have that same sippy cup for SJ and he still won't use it. i'm about ready to give up :)

i can't believe halle is already almost 7! she's adorable :)

we miss you guys!

Adam and Dev said...

I'm glad you love to blog...it's fun to read what you're up to. That picture of Lizzie is so cute! Your kids are so cute...I can't believe Halle is almost 7! :)

Heather H said...

Ashley you're awesome! Your posts are so fun to read. Just so you know I have never heard Chase in church. Probably because I'm too busy reminding Derek to whisper... Good luck on the dog issue!

Dawn Rae said...

Cute post Ashley!

Shanell said...

LOL, love this post, and your kids are sooo cute!

Kristen Brady said...

Fact - I loved this post!

Amy said...

ha ha! Thanks for the laugh. I definitely needed it today.