Tuesday, July 15, 2008

American Idol Live!

My mom, Bethany, and I had a girls night and attended the American Idol concert.  It was so cool!  The show really started when Michael Johns came out and sang "We are the Champions."  He is an amazing performer (not to mention easy on the eyes), and should have stayed on the show longer.  Brooke White got lots of cheers and was very entertaining.  When Syesha came out (half dressed) it was easy to tell the crowd was just waiting for David Archuleta's turn.  When it was his turn, the crowd went crazy!  He came up through the stage and sang "Angels," which is my favorite song he sings.  He sang 3 more songs and sounded great on all of them.

David Cook was an unbelievable performer.  It's easy to tell that he is going to make it big!  He sang 5 songs, my favorite being "Hello."  At the end of the show all of the idols came out and sang a group number.

It was an amazing night!  Mom, thanks for the tickets!


Bethany said...

I'm already going through withdrawals. What concert should we go to next? That was a blast!

Dani said...

We were there too. It was fun!

Kristen said...

My sister Tiff went as well, and she made the same comment about Michael Johns being the first good performer of the night. So glad you were able to go! Super Fun!

Adam and Dev said...

I was there with Dani, Jared, and my parents. It was amazing- and poor Syesha- she really thought Utah was cheering for her- little did she know, we were just so excited for Archuletta! :)