Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane

Janell had this on her blog, so I'll join in!  Basically, this is a memory post.  In the comment section, leave a memory that you have about me, or something fun that we did together.  Then, in your blog, post the same thing and I'll leave a memory about you!

Let's see what we can remember in our old age!


Shanell said...

Oh boy, this will be fun!!

I remember all those nights we spent with our buddies in apt #5, just hangin out and being crazy.

Playing cards all night long with Blake and Derek

Always trying to ditch one of our roommates that drove us CRAZY.

Fun times :-)

Dede & Eric said...

I think one of my favorite things to remember is how completely silly we were in high school almost all of time!

Like when we did our ‘Spice Girls’ duet at cheerleading camp. We were so stupid but we had so much fun and didn’t care what any one thought!

I also remember goofing around in yearbook, except for deadlines, then all of the sudden, it wasn’t so funny. Lots of good memories but those are a few! Good times.

Brandon & Britney said...

Hey Ashley! How are you? Your little girl is so cute.

My memory is of track when we were supposed to run to the Blackhawk run the hill 3 times then run back. Instead we drove to the Blackhawk ran the hill once and drove back. Good times.

I hope all is well for you!
Britney (Brown) Jolley

Autumn said...

I don't think I have a childhood memory that doesn't have you in it! I have two favorite memories, the first is when we cut off all the hair off of our dolls hair and then went and buried them on the bumpy trail so we wouldn't get in trouble. The other is when you went camping with us out to the White Hills and we laughed so hard we peed our pants and got the 4-wheeler seat all wet! ;)

Rhiannon said...

Okay there is a lot to chose from but one of the funnies was when you, Dede and I slept in the back of your explorer at girls camp. It sure wasn't very comfortable but we laughed alot!

The Hutchinsons said...

I am going to have to go with our time as rollerina's as my favorite memory. Just the other day I was thinking about those shirts we had made. I couldn't remember what the other one said, and then I remembered it was "hales angels"
Remember how mad Newell was when we wrecked the new rollers. ;)
Good Times!

Dani said...

Hmm... a million memories with you in, however, I am going to choose, "Craig, have you ever had a mohawk?...." Boy we were stupid.

Jackie Burr said...

Here are two of my favorites:

At tumbling meets, you would run the entire length of the gym in order to perform your cartwheel-cartwheel routine on the last five feet of the mat.

At BYU games, you somehow managed to fit under our bleacher seats and be content for hours--just to avoid watching the game!