Thursday, July 17, 2008

Choo! Choo!

My mom, Bethany, Audrey, Halle, and I took our 2nd annual trip to the Heber Creeper.  The girls were so excited to ride the train.  The entire way to Heber City they kept saying "choo! choo!"  The train ride was great.  Halle loved blowing her new train whistle.  Audrey, unfortunately, couldn't figure hers out.  Aside from the mock train hold-up, which terrified the girls, the day was relaxing and beautiful!

Halle & Audrey waiting for the train.

Halfway through the trip we stopped at a park in Provo Canyon.

After the train ride, we stopped for lunch at the Dairy Keen.  I think the girls liked this the best!


Dede & Eric said...

Its so great that the girls have each other to hang out with. Looks like fun!

Autumn said...

How fun! We need to come up and ride the Heber Creeper, I have only just heard about it. Little Halle is so cute, how are you feeling?